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Welcome to Hubenthal Burr Associates

Structured Approaches to Innovation ~ Inventive Approaches to R&D ~ Competitive Opportunity Management ~ Six Sigma

Visionary businesses, driven technological leaders, careful and intelligent researchers and organizations in highly constrained industries are the best match to our services.

Hubenthal Burr Associates is unique. We work with Doctors, Scientists, Engineers, and Business Leaders in Technology and Healthcare organizations to enhance their ability to create breakthrough solutions to highly complex and constrained problems that in some cases have been around industry for over 50 years.

We do this, using structured methods, based on 60 years of research into what makes people and companies more innovative. We are constantly applying and evolving this research to help talented people gain more reliable access to their expertise and innovation skills. We teach our clients how to rely on innovation as a predictable and manageable process.


We match our processes and approach to your culture and to your needs - so the results will stick. With over five decades of unique research and combined experience, we deliver uncommon and extraordinary results.

Hubenthal Burr Associates provides focused services based on our strengths:

Insight Innovators - Our consulting service specializes in helping your teams and experts solve tough, entrenched, or industry-scale problems for the Technology, Medical and Healthcare industries.

Possibility Catalyst - We speak and write about innovation, quality improvement, optimization and business performance. Contact us if you would like us to present an unforgettable and head-shaking reframe on how to achieve uncommon results.

We specialize in:

- Team-Based Structured Innovation and Inventive-Level Problem Solving

- Inventive Failure Analysis and Prediction (far beyond FMEA)

- Six Sigma Process Improvement and Design for Six SIgma

- Highly Constrained Problem-Solving

- Inventive and Team-Based Approaches to Contentious Situations

- Intellectual Property Development

- Inventive Approaches to Research and Development

- Competitive Opportunity Development & Management

- Knowledge Transfer through Facilitation, Seminars, Training & Speaking

Our focus is on understanding your needs and in meeting those needs. We are dedicated to transferring Structured Problem Solving knowledge and competence to your teams.

In our experience, our team-based problem solving method unleashes enthusiasm and cooperation. Your experts will own their solutions and drive deployment throughout the organization. The teams we work with become passionate advocates for solving tough problems in the future.

What's New:

One of our Detroit-based clients estimates that our recent project work will save them $8.5 million dollars in hard costs in the highly competitve automotive market. With 6 more projects to cost out for savings, we are very excited about our work for them!

We are helping a healthcare start-up deliver an inexpensive and accurate solution to diagnosing malaria.

Dayna Burr is currently focused on medical device R&D.

Scott Burr will be presenting Six Sigma topics to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in late 2008 through 2009.

Selected Past Presentations

Scott Burr presented

"Design for Six Sigma & Basic Innovation Skills"(Flyer- PDF) to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in a webinar across the U.S. West Coast on June 16th, 2007

. "The Future of Innovation" (Flyer- PDF) to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

"Innovation Agility and Problem Solving" at Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California. Sponsored by the ASME-SCVS and Applied Innovation Alliance.

Let us help you with the catalytic change you need to keep ahead of the competition.

We invite you to learn more about Structured Problem Solving including Structured Innovation and how to move your business far beyond optimization. Contact us to find out how we can help meet your needs.

For an informative and entertaining keynote speaker, professional development seminar or business training or breakout session speaker, please contact Possibility Catalyst.

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